Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does requesting a workshop guarantee that I will be enrolled?
Your requests are reviewed by your superintendent/supervisor, then he/she sends an overall district total for all approved workshop requests.  If a workshop has enough interest we will offer as many sections of the course as possible.  We do our best to accommodate the requests that we receive although, at times, constraints of space, facilitator availability, and district allocations may prevail.
  • How will I find out if I will be attending the workshops that I requested?
Workshop assignments are sent to every superintendent's office in September.   Additionally, all workshop selections are emailed to teachers in September. The Northern Valley Curriculum Center sends a reminder notice to individual teachers by email three weeks in advance of the date of the workshop.
  • How can I find out if or when I took a course in the past?
Each superintendentís office is sent a list of all staff workshop attendance yearly. Please check with your school's records.
  • Is it OK to retake a workshop that I participated in several years ago?
Workshop choices should be aligned with an individual educator's goals. These goals should reflect student learning needs and Common Core State Standards.  You may request to repeat a workshop that will help you to achieve a professional learning goal.
  • Is there an increased likelihood that I will get the workshop I requested if it is noted in my Professional Growth Plan?
The highest priority should be assigned to teacher choices that support individual growth plans.  To highlight the importance of your choice it may be helpful to have your administrator contact the Office of Curriculum and Instruction.
  • How many workshops does each teacher attend in a year?
Most teachers attend 1-3 workshops in a given year. Determinations for workshop attendance are made by each superintendent / supervisor.
  • How can I teach a workshop?
The Northern Valley Curriculum Center values and honors teacher leadership. If you have content expertise that you would like to share you are encouraged to contact the Kathleen O'Flynn, Supervisor of Professional Learning at the Curriculum Center. (201-768-2200 X12270) Generally speaking, the course catalog is created in January and February.