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PARCC and CCSS Support
The NVCC is closely tied to the professional learning that will be needed to bring about the changes in pedagogy that will be necessary for effectively implementing the Common Core State Standards.  In June of 2010, New Jersey accepted the Common Core State Standards as the state standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics for grades K through 12.  This was a quiet announcement in the news and little or no fanfare occurred throughout the educational community.  However, this change is considered by many to be the shift in public education comparable to compulsory attendance or even Brown vs. board of education.  Regardless of these comparisons the new standards, as of September 2012, are now in the implementation stage in school across the nation. In order for this change to have a positive impact all members of the educational community will have to do his or her part.

The school of the Northern Valley began working with the new standards in June of 2010.  The documents were downloaded and the Office of Curriculum and instruction began a conversation with NJ DOE regarding the handing of the new standards.

The NVCC represents the Valley Schools on the PARCC Educator Leader Cadre.  In this capacity new learning is brought to the office directly from instruction through the PARCC Consortium.  The learning represented in NVCC workshops represents the most recent information available related to PARCC and CCSS implementation.

Go to the following links to for more information about the CCSS and the upcoming PARCC assessments.

Released summer 2013 the Accessibility and Accommodations Manual

Info for Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

Articles on CCSS/PARCC from NJEA

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