Useful PARCC English Language Arts Resources

You will find, in these tables, useful documents to support a variety of learning related to CCSS and PARCC.  Please download and visits websites as needed.

Carefully unpack these items looking at all the available resources.  These are not practice items they are exemplars and supporting documents related to the type of tasks students will have to demonstrate in the new assessments.  Some specific examples can be used with students as practice items, however they are more useful in helping teacher focus on the necessary changes in pedagogy that will support student success.

We recommend that all teachers, even those who do not directly teach Math or English Language Arts, engage in the "Practice Tests" provided by PARCC.  By taking these tests you will have an opportunity to experience what your students will be asked to do in terms of both the content and the technology.   Additionally we believe it will be helpful to try tests at multiple grade levels to gain an understanding of the expectations of "Grade Level Mastery."

You will find the "Practice Tests" at:

To jump directly to information related to sample PARCC tasks go to:

Common Core State Standards for ELA
This includes standards for grades K-12 including reading and writing standards for History, Science and Technical Subjects.

CCSS ELA Standards.pdf
Understanding the PARCC Scoring System: Applications for Classroom Assessment
This document is the full presentation on this topic, very clear parameters are explained about what is and is not a prompt.
Understanding PARCC Scoring System.pdf

Draft Rubrics for Prose Constructed Responses
Grade 3 May 23 Rubric.pdf
Grade 4-5 May 22 Rubric .pdfGrade 6-11 May 22 Rubric.pdf
This is the PARCC Model Content Framework document, go to this for understanding the Major content standards and how they change by grade level.

Informational and Literary Texts to CCSS: This is a PD document for teachers that addresses how to pair texts and the myths that have emerged around these to important reading opportunities.

SWD Presentation

Common Core Unit Elementary: This is a very detailed set of lessons on a close reading of an article about the Physicist Richard Feynman, it includes web links and video as well as individual student tasks.

Common Core Unit Middle School: This is a very detailed set of lessons on a close reading Linda Monk's Words We Live By: Your Annotated Guide to the Constitution, it includes photos and student tasks..

Common Core Unit High School:This is a very detailed set of lessons on a close reading of the Gettysburg Address with included web links, photographs and video.

Tri State Rubric - ELA: This very detailed 2 page document can be used to rate lessons or units in alignment to the CCSS.  Created by educators from MA, NY, and RI and facilitated by Achieve, this tool will help educators design and review CCSS lessons.

ELA Publishers Criteria: This document defines in detail criteria for ELA materials with a the focus of Text Selection, Questions and Teasks, Academic Vocabulary and Writing to Sources and Research

Overview from PARCC: This is a detailed Power Point Presentation on the establishment and purpose of PARCC.

Articles Lit and Info Text: This document contains a series of articles on the interpretation of non-fiction and informational texts, excellent for clarity around the RI issues.

Standards to Evidence:  This document looks as specific ELA standards and what the evidence of student learning will look like.

PARCC_Evidence Tables_ELA.pdf
PARCC Item Review and Development:  This Power Point Presentation explains in detail how items are developed for the assessments.  This information will help teachers understand the types of tasks student will do the PARCC assessment.

8_c_ELA Item Review Bootcamp PPT-9-27-13.pptx (Read-Only).pdf
Reading RI for Science and History: This 64 page document looks at the expectation for readers when the theme of the text is science and history.  This includes detailed lessons on Climate Change and the Civil War.

Section VII Instruction Reading.pdf
Diverse Population a Lincoln Lesson:  The large document looks at the considerations for accessibility and accommodations for students.  This includes a detailed lesson plan with recommendations for teachers.

Section V Diverse Populations Lincoln Lesson.pdf
Text Complexity and Close Reading:  This is a resource document supplied by presenters associated with PARCC, lots of links and resources to chose from.

Text Complexity and the Close Reading of Text.docx
Draft Rubric for Prose Constructed Responses:  Very detailed with example of student work needed to reach each of the 5 levels of achievement.

10_Overview Draft Rubrics for Prose Constructed Response 2A.pdf
This 15 minute video will give you everything you need to create a PARCC-like assessment that can be automated to grade and deliver scores to teacher and student.  All using Free web based software.  Well worth the learning curve! Created by Jon Regan.

Analyzing Argument: This is a 20 page PARCC-like task for grade 11 in text complexity, students read and analyze Lincoln's Firt Inaugural Address.