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Northern Valley Curriculum Center
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    Building Skills
    The explosion of technology as a tool that has touched all aspects of modern living has called for rapid interventions and learning to bring the best opportunities to our students. The Curriculum Center has partnered with many educators who are bringing Full Story...
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    Building Knowledge
    Teachers throughout the Northern Valley engage in learning through a variety of workshops and learning experiences. Members of the Curriculum Center along with administrators and numerous classroom teachers develop and facilitate professional learning to Full Story...
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    Building Leadership
    New learning opportunities emerge through changes in society, the development of new knowledge throughout the content areas, new and innovative pedagogy, and the sharing of challenges and new ideas. The Curriculum Center is constantly supporting members Full Story...
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    Building Collaboration
    Ideas and innovation thrive in an environment of collaboration. The Curriculum Center serves a forum for discussion, dialogue, and planning. Collaboration is encouraged by bringing teachers together from all of the eight Valley districts along with othe Full Story...
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